About Us
About Us

How did your company come about? 

B and S Landcaping was started in 1992. My father began doing side work and soon was overwhelmed. All his cutomers loved his work and word of mouth spread. Four years later my father established B & S Landscaping Inc. as his company. We are a family owned business and have over 30 years of experience in the field. For the last 12 years B and S Landscaping has been expanding our areas and our crews to better serve our customers and are always looking to expand. We have build our customer base off of great work and great refferals. We take an extra step to not only do the job right but provide excellent customer service.

Our Grand Design
You want your home to look its best both inside and out.  By helping supply you with just the right landscaping materials and expertise, we'll help your home put its best face forward.  "We strive provide our customers with quality work at very affordable pricing!"

Our Foundation 
An old nursery rhyme asks, "How does your garden grow?"  In the poem, it's with silver bells and cockle shells; for you, it's probably with a lot of planning and hard work.  From low-maintenance landscape design to ornamental topiaries, it's our mission to help. 

Our Layout
You have better ways to spend your weekends than wandering through lawn care centers.  We're here to help you with everything you need, either on-site or online.  Whether you are looking to contract your landscaping or just need supplies and advice to add the perfect decorative touches, we'll do the groundwork, so you can enjoy.